15 photos
shadows in the museum - transition is my most recent series. These abstract photographs explore the notion of "someone else's art." Using another person's creation is the artistic line-in-the-sand that is generally not crossed. There are a few contemporary examples of exceptions to the rule where artists have intentionally used the work of others to create something "new." The issue is controversial and the practice is not well-regarded. Hence, the idea for shadows in the museum - transition. These photographs were inspired by, and indeed made possible by, using someone else's art. The images are the shadows created by a variety of works in several museums: Thorveldson's Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Louisiana Museum in Humlebæk, Denmark and the recently closed Dapper Museum in Paris. Museum-goers capturing works of art on display in museums has become a ubiquitous scene. This digital hoarding behavior is what motivated me to photograph sculptures of Bertel Thorvaldsen and William Kentridge, among others. My goal was to mimic the hoarding behavior with a different, more creative and non-felonious, result.