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Playing With Fire is a series of photographs that started from a simple revelation. Steel wool (the little packets you use to clean around the house or in the garage) is highly combustible!

So, this series represents a a number of brief illuminating encounters with fire. From the beginning humans have had a complicated relationship with fire. We use it as a tool for survival; to light the way, to warm the hearth, in ritual and as entertainment. In its benign form we are drawn to it, and we adore it.

When fire threatens or harms us, when it becomes a danger we cannot control we nonetheless anthropomorphize it by naming it. The Great San Francisco Fire, the Chicago Fire, the Great London Fire as examples. When we cannot control it, we name fire so as not to forget it destructive potential. The photographs in the series Playing With Fire illustrate fire as entertainment.

Guestbook for Playing With Fire
Robert Ash(non-registered)
Awesome work, Gene. Truly awesome!
Lucinda Daly(non-registered)
This work is very impressive and fun!
Marilyn Lemmon(non-registered)
Amazing and unique photos, Gene!